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4 Ways the Values Catalyst Indicator

will help you:

Get clear on all that's important to you

Gain greater confidence when making decisions

Know what has to be in your life, career, or business in order for you to be happy, fulfilled, and successful

Articulate your point of difference and greatest value so you become the Leader Others Follow

About Belinda

As Founder and CEO of Business Innovation Group, a strategic coaching and consulting firm, Belinda Pruyne leverages three decades of award-winning expertise and visionary leadership principles of BIG Picture Leaders to transform executives, small business owners, and their teams from smart tacticians, into trusted, respected, and highly regarded leaders.

Belinda’s depth of business specialization, is rooted in the client services industry, and includes her role as an EVP Global Director of Creative Management for Grey Worldwide. Where Belinda directed, and transformed one of the largest, multi-million dollar creative divisions in the world (147 offices in 80 countries).